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Welcome to Arbor Academy's 
1-12  Independent Study Diploma Program   

Simple Homeschooling Solutions  

Simple Homeschooling Solutions

 Simple Homeschooling Solutions
Arbor Academy  offers custom private school services to families seeking to educate their children at home. Arbor Academy's Independent Study Program is the answer for many families, from children just beginning their educational careers, to teens anxious for graduation and pursuit of their life goals. 
Our mission at Arbor Academy is to offer homeschooling families the best of the available curriculums and educational materials. We also assist families by assessing the learning styles and educational goals of each child. Arbor Academy has the experience and expertise to simplify the homeschooling process for your family. 
Arbor Academy's distance learning Independent Study Program is an affordable option for your family. Our students enjoy the freedom to explore the broader community, learn from actual life experiences, benefit from small scale instruction, achieve true socialization,  all while receiving an exceptional education.
Homeschooling allows families to nurture strong relationships. Families have the luxury of spending quality time together. They share the joy of learning as well as those precious, special moments of childhood and life.  Homeschooling families are given the opportunity to accurately understand each others lives, without experiencing a sense of disconnect. Your children grow up understanding the importance of your family's values.

Home Independent Study is a great undertaking and one no parent takes lightly, Arbor Academy eases this rewarding journey for you and your student. Arbor Academy offers support throughout the entire process while offering both the security and independence of a private school.
Arbor Academy Offers

Customized Curriculum Counseling

Grade by Grade Course of Study

Learning Style Assessment

Support of Your Child's Learning Style

Mandatory State Record Keeping

Local & Online Support Groups

Field Trips and Park Days

Report Cards/High School Diploma

Student ID Card

Teacher ID Card

Multi-Media Content

SiteSchool TM

ArborLinks TM Newsletter

Customized Welcome Package

Homeschooling Discussions

Interaction with Local School Districts

Cum Record Transfer & Maintenance

Community Service Liaison/HS Credit

Resource Sourcing Assistance

Varied Classes/Fieldtrips
( Additional Costs May Apply )

Deluxe Options Available

Select Curriculum Materials

Best Choice Packages - "Year in a Box"

Educational Training/Counseling

Private Credentialed Tutoring  Services

Credentialed Teacher Portfolio Review & Assessment


2003-2004 School Year

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