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Arbor Academy's High School Graduation Guidelines

Students attaining  a diploma from Arbor Academy will have completed 21 units of credit.

A standard program is distributed as follows:

#UnitsCourse Type
1Art and Music
4Language Arts
4Social Sciences
2Foreign Language

Arbor Academy accepts other verifiable high school credits towards the completion of the requirements for graduation. Community college credits, portfolio, essay, volunteer credits and life experiences may also be accepted, upon review

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Define Your Path

It is important to tailor the student's high school program to  their individual goals. A student determined to be accepted straight into the university systems must follow a much more rigorous standard than a student planning on transferring into the community college systems.  During  our initial consultations,  we ask every family and student to assess these educational goals.

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Arbor's Services For High School Students
Initial Consultation
Mandatory Record Keeping
Portfolio Suggestions
High School Diploma 
College Planning Assistance
Transcripts for transfer to public or private schools and for college admissions
Con-current Enrollment Guidance/Facilitation
Community Service Liaison/High School Credits
Additional costs Apply for:
Accelerated Diploma Option Available
Credentialed Teacher Services Option Available
Test Prep Options Available
Credentialed Teacher Portfolio Review & Assessment


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