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We know the parent is ideally suited to awaken and nurture a child's natural inclination to explore, learn and grow. Help your child to explore his or her own particular interests, wherever possible incorporating those into the course of study. Children are always learning, a trip to the market can teach economics and real world math...a visit to the doctor's office can be expanded to a biology lesson. Look for those "teachable moments". The parent-teacher works as a guide, facilitator, and caretaker of the child's educational process.
Arbor Academy offers families the resources and guidance to encourage your young learner to become a life long learner. Home independent study nurtures autonomous development, independence, and increased self-esteem. Children's brains are superb learning instruments, and the most powerful lessons occur where studies intersect with real life. Lay the foundation for all learning today!
Arbor Academy offers support through the entire process. From basic record keeping with the security and independence of a private school, to a custom designed curriculum with oversight, depending on your family's needs, Arbor Academy is the right choice. At Arbor Academy each and every family has an open line of support and guidance.
Arbor Academy's Program Highlights
  • Geared to Your Choices
  • Travel/Study Options
  • Credentialed Teacher
  • Curriculum Support
  • Homeschool Advice & Support
  • Caring, Concerned Service
  • Arbor Curriculum or Design Your Own
  • Free Supplemental Materials Throughout the Year
  • Year Round Enrollment
  • Free Learning Style Assessment
  • Supports All Methods of Homeschooling




 Respect, Support, Guidance, Freedom




From Traditional to Progressive, 
Arbor Academy 
Accepts & Supports
 Your Choice
 In Educating Your Child


As a working partnership between an experienced homeschooler and an experienced, credentialed teacher, we have undertaken the challenge of finding excellent curriculum materials to personally recommend. Utilizing our combined knowledge and experience, these curriculum materials have been gathered from a variety of sources to best meet your child's learning style, interests, skill levels, and needs.  Due to our increased purchasing power we are often able to offer these materials to you at a lower price than you would  find purchasing them on your own. Additionally, for those who select from one our Deluxe Option Packages, ongoing credentialed teacher support will be available.



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